Intellipat's novelty search
Empowering Innovators, Maximizing IP Budgets, Accelerating Decision-Making
Idea Intake Our AI system walks you through the process of describing your invention, then generates a set of features to be searched, like a patent attorney would do.
Deep Analysis of Prior Art The set of features and the prior art are analyzed using a multi-layered approach that includes patent-tailored AI models.
Intuitive Report Based on the search results, a report is generated that provides intuitive information regarding the prior art and uniqueness of your idea.

We know Patents and AI

Our team of patent and AI experts have spent years in their respective fields.
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Transform the patent space using AI technology.

Patents are instrumental in shaping and protecting the rapid innovation of today's information economies.

To keep pace, IntelliPat's tools provide innovators with the best intelligence for formulating and managing their patent strategies and protecting their ideas, while reducing costs and time traditionally associated with patent services. We believe in a future where AI solutions drive innovation to greater heights.
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